This week we will begin by practicing our home row keys.  These are the keys that your fingers "live" on (their home).  Your left-hand home row keys are a, s, d, f.   Your right-hand home row keys are j, k, l, ; .  Practice these keys with Stage 1 of Dance Mat Typing and Typing Web Home Row Keys (You can register for an account on Typing Web or practice without an account). 
Join the Typing Training Club to train for the Typing Olympics.  The Typing Training Club will help you to train so that you are in tip top shape for the Typing Olympics.  All you have to do to join the club is commit to practice typing.  I will give you some guidance about which keys to be practicing each week.  If you would like to come in and show me that you can touch type the keys assigned for the week, you may do so before school at 7:45.  I will have a certificate of completion for each set of keys.  Athletes train hard all year long for the Olympic games.  Just like athletics, typing takes practice and persistence.  Practice hard and I know that you will be ready for our Typing Olympics competition in the spring!


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    December 2009



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